Aqua (Water) – Most Prominent ingredient in the cream. Water is used to dissolve the ingredients that divulge the skin benefits.

Stearic Acid is one of the fatty acids that occur naturally in vegetation and plants. In our shaving creams, this ingredient primarily fulfils the role of a thickener or hardener.

Myristic Acid is also another fatty acid that can be found in plant oils. Its role in our shaving cream is to provide sufficient lubricant, due to its high rate of absorption by the skin

Potassium Hydroxide is a white solid. It purpose in our shaving creams it to control the pH levels.

Coconut Acid is a mixture of fatty oils obtained from the coconut oil. It is used to cleanse and build a foam giving our creams a good feel and more lather.

Glycerin is a sugar alcohol, its helps slow the loss of moisture when using our shave creams.

Parfum is used to create a pleasant scent which exists in our range of shave creams

Triethanolamine is a clear liquid which helps by reducing the surface tension of the ingredients to be mixed so that water-soluble and oil-soluble ingredients can be blended together. It also is used to control the pH levels

Sodium hydroxide helps bond the components of the shave cream, saponifying the oils into a soap

Limonene is clear liquid with a citrus scent. It is naturally sourced from the rind of citrus fruits.

Linalool is a clear liquid, with a sweet scent. It naturally occurs in a variety of plants and fruits, one being mandarin.

Butylphenyl Methylpropional is a liquid with a floral fresh scent.

Hydroxycitronellal is a liquid with s sweet floral scent

Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone is a liquid with a floral scent